Autonomous Driving Firm Autra Tech Partners With ByteDance’s Volcano Engine

Volcano Engine, a cloud services platform owned by ByteDance, reached a formal cooperation agreement on August 31 with Autra Tech, a leading logistics enterprise for autonomous driving trunk lines.

With the common goal of promoting the large-scale mass production and operation of heavy trucks in automatic driving trunk logistics, they will jointly explore the tool chain platform based on cloud technology and the iteration of automated driving technology based on ultra-large-scale data.

Relying on the leading data management system, Volcano Engine Intelligent Driving Cloud will cooperate with Autra Tech to build and develop a full-link closed-loop intelligent driving R&D tool chain. It covers cloud native and model training. At the same time, the two parties are also actively exploring related businesses such as simulation, and will subsequently expand to the whole process of data compliance, storage, mining, and labeling to accelerate the development and implementation of intelligent driving technology.

(Source: Autra Tech)

As a leading L4 automated driving trunk logistics enterprise in China, Autra Tech has deep cooperation with strategic partners such as carmakers, suppliers and logistics operators within industry, creating economical, safe and efficient products based on different scenarios. It has continuously been building a closed-loop iterative capability of efficient automated driving algorithms driven by big data.

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As the first mass production partner announced by Autra Tech, Volcano Engine will empower Autra Tech to use several hundred PFlops (floating point operations per second) computing power and processes and several hundred PB (petabyte) data in the fields of model training and simulation. This will greatly improve the abilities of Autra Tech in super-large-scale simulation system and machine learning model training.

Tao Ji, the CEO of Autra Tech, said, “Autra Tech looks forward to working with partners to promote the product-level operation of trunk logistics automated driving, and is committed to the intelligent transformation of the logistics industry to create a safer, more comfortable working environment and higher income for 30 million truck drivers in China.”