Arcfox Alpha S Huawei HI Version EV Officially Delivered

The new HI version of the Arcfox Alpha S electric vehicle model, jointly developed by Arcfox and Huawei, officially started batch delivery on July 16.

Wang Jun, the COO of Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solution Business Unit, said that the delivery of the new HI version Arcfox Alpha S is just the beginning, and more and more high-level functions will be unlocked through OTA in the future.

Arcfox said that the new HI version Alpha S is the world’s first production sedan to be equipped with Huawei’s HI full-stack intelligent automotive solution, supporting a high-level intelligent driving assistance system for urban roads, and to be configured with HarmonyOS-based intelligent cockpits as a luxury pure electric vehicle.

The new HI version Arcfox Alpha S has backups in its sensors, batteries, CPU, braking, steering and architecture. When the main system of the vehicle fails in an emergency, it can automatically switch to the backup system in a short time to ensure travel safety to the maximum extent.

The new model is equipped with 34 sensors and a high-performance intelligent driving computing platform. The HarmonyOS-based intelligent cockpit enables seamless docking between smartphones and cars, and the 800V high-voltage platform improves charging speed and efficiency.

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In the future, Arcfox will gradually complete the release of high-level intelligent driving assistance functions, including high-speed intelligent cruise assistance (ICA), high-speed intelligent driving navigation assistance (NCA), automatic Valet Parking (AVP) and so on. 84 supercharging stations are planned to be put into operation in five key Chinese cities this year.