Ant Group Releases Self-Developed Morse Privacy All-in-One Computing Machine

On September 25, the “Light of the Internet Expo” at the 2021 World Internet Conference opened. At the event, Ant Group officially released its Morse Privacy All-in-One Computing Machine developed by its Ant Chain team. This represents another industry effort to realize the availability and invisibility of data.

Privacy computing refers to a computing theory and methodology that processes customer privacy data by encryption processing, multi-party computing and other techniques. This technological approach can realize the availability and invisibility of data, and is one of the important ways to balance data utilization and security. As the global digital economy grows rapidly, privacy computing, as a key technology in the field of data security, has attracted wide attention from the industry.

Shaped in a black box, the Morse Privacy All-in-One Computing Machine uses more than 200 software and hardware patents. It is based on Ant Chain’s Morse Multi-Party Security Computing Platform, and profoundly integrates self-developed technologies such as privacy computing, trusted hardware and blockchain.

Ant Chain says this all-in-one machine features the Ant Group’s self-developed multi-party security computing algorithm accelerator card, which is the first of its kind in the industry and could substantially upgrade the computing performance. The machine is also equipped with a self-developed password card recognized by the State Cryptography Administration Office of Security Commercial Code Administration (OSCCA). This card manage keys at the highest encryption level, takes strict precautions against hacker attacks, and protects key and communication security with hardware. In addition, the machine can seamlessly connect with blockchain, improve data credibility and upgrade supervision.

The machine supports plug and play. Free from complicated installation, the machine can be deployed soon after accessing an institutional network, and can then be quickly applied in financial, governmental, medical and other scenarios. Customers can establish a secure data connection with their partners with just one click. It effectively improves the user experience and increases business efficiency on the premise of data security and user privacy.

In China, privacy computing technology is booming and developing towards industrialization. According to a report released by the Center for Information and Cyber Security (CICS-CERT), the number of patent applications for privacy computing in China has increased rapidly over the past two years, among which the top three companies with the largest number of patents are Ant Group, Alibaba and WeBank.

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At the the Light of the Internet Expo, held during the ongoing 2021 World Internet Conference, more than 340 Chinese and foreign enterprises and institutions are displaying new technologies and products across the fields of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and network security, also showing the latest application results of digital reform in the fields of economy, society and government. Baidu’s Apollo vehicle and Huawei’s Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 all appeared at the Expo.