Zuzuche Scores Tens of Millions of Dollars in Round-D Financing

Zuzuche, a global self-guided tourism platform, announced on Wednesday its recent completion of round-D financing worth tens of millions of dollars. The funds are to be used for strengthening product research and development, supplementing the global operations team, expanding the Chinese market and improving customer service capabilities.

Up to now, its business covers more than 6,000 cities in nearly 200 countries and regions, and it has over 200,000 stores around the world. Its services include international car rental, Chinese car rentals, scenic spot tickets, local entertainments, free GPS in Chinese, 24-7 global customer service in Chinese and English, insurance and other self-guided tour related services. More than 30 million Chinese tourists have used its global self-guided tour services.

Regarding its international business, Zuzuche keeps up with market changes in consumption trends. It has set up flexible teams for different regions and towards different policies, formulating personalized operation strategies, and helping car dealers with operational difficulties.

In terms of its domestic business, in Q1 2020, Zuzuche expanded its cooperation with car dealers nationwide in a tiered and zoned manner, securing contracts with nearly 3,000 domestic car dealers within four months, covering more than 600 large, medium and small cities and regions in China. The compound growth rate of the domestic car rental business since its launch exceeds 470%.

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In addition, Zuzuche is in cooperation with leading enterprises in different fields such as Fliggy, China Mobile Bank’s JegoTrip and Ping An Insurance. It has constructed a complete global self-guided tour service system covering vehicles, insurance, value-added and after-sales services.

Li Bin, the co-founder of Zuzuche, said that complications caused by the pandemic will eventually pass, and only the most durable companies can survive. In the future, Zuzuche will aim to further develop the global self-driving eco-chain and provide users with a sustainable and independent travel experience.