Zuoyebang Launches Five Quality Education Products to Enhance Comany’s Transformation

Alibaba-backed Zuoyebang officially on Monday launched three quality education products: Xiaolu Programming, Xiaolu Art and Xiaolu Learning Ability. Together with Xiaolu Writing, which was launched last year, and Xiaolu Eloquence, which will be launched soon, Zuoyebang altogether contains five products within the quality education field.

The Beijing-based online education company has activated more than 800 million user devices and contains more than 300 million big data question banks and more than 170 million monthly active users. In 2019, the company began to explore what it considers to be “quality education”.

Based on the personality of the children, including their physical and mental development and their cognitive level, the five products launched by Zuoyebang integrate the STEAM concept as well as several scientific teaching concepts to cultivate children’s rational thinking and self-management ability along with their problem solving abilities.

In the next few months, Zuoyebang will launch more intelligent education hardware products centering around students’ study and life in general.

Youdao launched its own six new quality education products for children in early August, covering such fields as programming for children, science, art and robotics and finally, the game of Go.

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