Zeekr Launches 11kW Smart Home EV Charging Piles

Premium electric vehicle brand Zeekr, which is owned by Chinese auto giant Geely, on August 16 launched new 11kW smart home charging piles. The piles have opened for sale on the Zeekr app, including 30-meter or 50-meter installation services, with a price range of 7,299 yuan to 7,899 yuan ($1,077 – $1,165).

Previously, users who bought the “ZEEKR 001 YOU” version and the “ME” version enjoyed 7kW home charging piles and basic installation services within 50 meters free of charge. Together with 11kW smart home charging piles, consumers can enjoy Zeekr one-stop installation services, including 30 or 50 meters of basic wiring construction and auxiliary material construction, along with a two-year warranty and two free on-site inspection services during the period.

(Source: Zeekr)

Compared with the previous 7kW version, the 11kW pile has higher output power, faster charging speed and 30% higher charging efficiency. This pile is also suitable for 220V and 380V voltage inputs, and the installation position of the pile body is more flexible. The charging line is lengthened from five meters to seven meters, and can adapt to more complex parking environments and parking habits.

Zeekr 11kW piles support many intelligent functions such as plug-and-charge (only applicable to Zeekr models), free control, remote upgrades, intelligent self-inspection, non-inductive starts, and more. Each charging pile can also add five sharing accounts, and thus can be shared by several consumers. The protection level is IP55, which can effectively prevent dust and rain.

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The 11kW pile features multiple protection designs such as overvoltage/undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, leakage protection, lightning protection, charging online interruption protection and fault self-inspection.

Since Zeekr put its first home charging pile into use in Shanghai’s Pudong District on September 30, 2021, the brand has expanded its one-stop installation services and home charging piles to consumers in 300 cities in 31 provinces across China. It has received more than 23,000 installation orders and delivered more than 18,500 home charging piles.