Young Genius Xie Saining from SJTU Denies Any Relationship with Sora

The first text-to-video model Sora by OpenAI has been making waves in the AI community recently, and its creative team behind it has also become a focus of attention.

Regarding the AI media reports claiming that one of the inventors of Sora is a young genius named Xie Saining who graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Xie Saining, who rarely speaks out publicly on social media, personally responded today in his WeChat Moment. He denied being one of the inventors of Sora and stated that he has no connection with Sora. At the same time, Xie Saining also made comments about Sora.

Xie Saining is currently an assistant professor of computer science at New York University. Prior to this, he was a research scientist at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Institute.

He believes that for complex systems like Sora, talent comes first, data comes second, and computing power comes third.

“At the same time as asking why Sora has not appeared in China, we may also need to ask ourselves: if it does appear (possibly very soon), are we ready?” Xie Saining said, how can we ensure the smooth and accurate dissemination of knowledge and creativity, allowing everyone to have the ‘superpower’ to tell and spread their own stories, achieving a certain level of information equality. However, this should not be maliciously exploited or turned into a tool for profit-making and manipulation by certain individuals or organizations.

Xie Saining mentioned that OpenAI has a complete set of red teaming, safety guardrail research deployment, and Europe and America have gradually mature regulatory systems.

In his view, before the regulation and technological maturity of AI, generating some pretty pictures by causing a little trouble is not on the same level. The capture of truth and stories told in Black Mirror are very likely to become reality soon.

Sora opened a convenient door for the general public to create a virtual world, although it is not immediately usable, it shows humans various possibilities brought by advanced AI tools.

At present, Sora is occupying the center of attention in the field of AI like a dark horse, with big shots such as Musk, Yann LeCun, Jia Yangqing, Jim Fan, Zhou Hongyi, Li Zhifei and others making comments.

Technology is the most valuable part in many discussions. Sora’s training data source is a focus of attention in the industry, but OpenAI continues to adhere to the ‘Closed AI’ principle and has not disclosed relevant information.

It is worth mentioning that a certain domestic self-media referred to Xie Saining as the inventor of Sora. Xie Saining himself has officially denied this, saying that he has “no relationship at all” with Sora. Currently, the person in charge of the self-media stated: “I’m sorry, I will publicly apologize to him across the entire internet.”

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