Yang Dazhi, Former General Manager of Tencent Kandian, Transferred to Tencent’s CSIG

According to report by Jiemian News on Friday, Yang Dazhi, the former general manager of Tencent Kandian, has transferred to Tencent‘s Cloud and Smart Industry Group (CSIG) as the Deputy General Manager of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the International Business Department. He has directly led Tencent Kandian’s business before.

Tencent Kandian is one of the core businesses of Tencent‘s internal information flow content service and mainly covers two major platforms, QQ browser and Tencent‘s QQ. The service is one of the main advertising businesses that Tencent relies on to generate revenue. As of the first quarter of 2021, Tencent Kandian had has 240 million daily users.

At the beginning of December, Tencent started an internal adjustment of its Platform and Content Group (PCG) and its Cloud and Smart Industry Group (CSIG). Yin Yu, was transferred to be the head of the smart education industry of CSIG, and will no longer serve as the head of the information platform and service line of PCG.

Qie Xiaohu, the current Vice President of Tencent, will take over as the head of the information platform and service line of PCG and continue to be responsible for the PCG technology public line and business of the Sogou input method. He will report directly to Ren Yuxin.

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The Tencent Information Platform and Service Line was established on October 15, 2021 and its business scope mainly includes QQ browser, Tencent Watch, internet search, free novels and file management, among others. The service line company was formed by integrating Tencent Kandian, QQ browser, and some of the businesses from Sogou Inc. The platform includes thePlatform Business Department, Content Business Department, Search Business Department, Reading Business Department, Commercialization Department, and, lastly, the Data and Technology Department.