Yahoo to Stop Providing Products and Services for the Chinese Mainland from November 1st

Yahoo, an American Internet portal, announced on its official website that from November 1, 2021, users from the Chinese Mainland will not be able to use Yahoo’s products and services. Yahoo’s products and services in other parts of the world would not be affected.

Yahoo was one of the first Internet portals in the world and had expanded its business to more than 24 countries and regions in its early years. At that time, the company was able to provide diversified network services for more than 500 million independent users around the world. In September 1999, the Yahoo China website was launched. Six years later, in August 2005, Yahoo China was wholly acquired by Alibaba Group.

In 2013, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Information and Yahoo Community in China stopped providing services, and the staff team turned was put in charge of public communication for Alibaba Group’s public welfare undertakings. Later, in 2015, Yahoo announced the closure of its Yahoo Beijing Global R&D Center and laid off 200 to 300 employees.

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Furthermore, Engadget, a technology media outlet owned by Yahoo, announced that from November 1 it will close Engadget China Edition, which provides content in simplified Chinese.