XPeng’s Flying Car X2 Completes Maiden Overseas Public Flight in Dubai

On the afternoon of October 10, XPeng Aeroht’s flying car model, the X2, made its first overseas public flight during the 42nd GITEX Global tech show in the United Arab Emirates, also its debut journey since the Dubai Civil Aviation Administration issued a special permit for the model.

The flight demonstration was held at SkyDive Dubai. During the exhibition, an unmanned X2 took off and landed slowly and smoothly.

X2 (Source: XPeng Aeroht)

X2 is the fifth-generation flying car developed and manufactured by XPeng Aeroht, the flying vehicle division of Chinese automotive firm XPeng Motors. It adopts a closed cockpit, giving it a sci-fi appearance, also taking into account aerodynamic design to ensure efficient maneuvering. In order to achieve a light weight, X2 adopts a carbon fiber structure.

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X2 can carry two passengers. The pure electric flight meets the goal of green urban transportation, is suitable for low-altitude flights in future urban settings, can meet the needs of short-distance travel in cities, and can also serve in scenarios such as field rescue and medical transportation.

X2 is now controlled through two modes: manual driving and automated driving. During the automatic flight, passengers can enjoy a safe and intelligent travel experience by simply pressing a button to start, return and landing.

The professional team at XPeng Aeroht carried out rigorous assessment for X2 under the supervision of the Dubai Civil Aviation Administration, successfully passing a specific operational risk assessment. X2 obtained permission to carry out its first overseas public flight in Dubai. The passing of this review means that XPeng Aeroht has become the first enterprise in Dubai to pass the evaluation of this heavyweight flight vehicle.

On October 24, last year, XPeng Aeroht published the design concept video of its sixth-generation flying car, which features intelligence, electric power, vertical take-off and landing and “integration of road and air.” While traveling on land, the vehicle is just like a smart electric car, as it meets the daily traffic on the road. When flying, the folding deformation system can be turned on to realize vertical take-off and landing and low-altitude manned flight.

(Source: XPeng Aeroht)

Brian Gu, Vice Chairman and President of XPeng Motors, revealed at that time that during “XPeng TECH DAY,” which will be held on October 24 this year, XPeng Aeroht will announce the latest R&D progress of its next-generation flying car, including configuration design, appearance and flight schemes.