XPeng Upgrades 186 S4 Supercharging Stations

XPeng Motors’ announcement on April 4th, 2023, the company upgraded over 160 S2 supercharging stations to S4 fast-charging stations in the first quarter. Additionally, it added another 349 third-party free charging stations in Q1.

This site upgrade covers 91 cities in China. XPeng has already launched a total of 186 S4 supercharging stations in China.

In addition, as of April 1st, Xpeng Charging has launched more than 2,200 charging stations online. Xpeng‘s self-operated charging stations have exceeded 1,000 in total. The coverage rate of the replenishment life circle within 3km in core cities can reach up to 83.9%.

It is stated that XPeng charging will continue to expand the S4 ultra-fast charging network layout, and it is expected to build about 500 stations with S4 ultra-fast charging service capabilities by 2023.

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According to previous reports, the maximum power of the self-developed supercharging pile for Xpeng S4 is 480kW, and the maximum current for a single pile is 670A. The peak charging power is 400kW. It supports Xpeng G9 and claims to be able to charge 200km in 5 minutes (CLTC).

In addition, XPeng Motors officially demonstrated the actual testing of its self-developed supercharging pile for charging vehicles on site. The mileage increased by 210km in 5 minutes of charging, which is even higher than advertised.