XPeng Motors Suspends Reservations for P5 in Four European Countries

XPeng Motors has announced a suspension of reservations for its P5 EV model in four European countries due to supply chain issues, as previous orders could not be delivered on schedule, Electrek reported on Wednesday.

In March, the P5 was officially made available for pre-order in four European countries: Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. XPeng Motors also set up “Experience Stores” in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, promoting its P7 and P5 to local consumers and weighing interest before deciding which electric vehicles to introduce first in which specific markets.

But today, those plans have changed due to supply chain issues. As the delivery schedule for the P5 in Europe remains unclear, XPeng Motors will shift its focus to the P7.

Regarding the matter, the firm issued the following statement: “As is widely known, problems in the global supply chains have affected the auto industry for months. Many auto brands have to adjust their production and delivery schedules, and pricing, to mitigate these challenges and uncertainties. We expect that some of these challenges will continue for some time. To minimize the impact on our customers, we are taking steps to suspend new pre-orders for the P5 in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden.”

XPeng Motors also said that for European customers that have pre-ordered the P5, they can change to the P7 if interested. The P7 is currently on sale in Norway and is available for test drives in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. The P7 is expected to start deliveries to Europe in the second quarter of 2023.

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As for the Chinese market, XPeng Motors said that production and delivery of all models including the P5 is still on schedule.