XPeng Motors Sales Staff Respond to P7 Starting Price Drop to 140,000 Yuan

Regarding the recent online rumors about XPeng P7 price dropping to 140,900 yuan, sales personnel at the XPeng Motors Shenzhen 4S store told reporters that the older model of P7 (2023 model 586E) can be priced at 140,900 yuan after comprehensive subsidies, with an official guide price of 239,900 yuan.

Last July, XPeng Motors made adjustments to the XPeng P7 model, adding the 586E model with a price of 239,900 yuan. The overall design of the XPeng P7’s 586E model remains consistent with the original model, equipped with a second-generation permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 196kW and peak torque of 390N·m.

In terms of battery, the vehicle is equipped with a liquid-cooled constant temperature ternary lithium battery pack, providing a CLTC comprehensive condition range of 586km. The new car can reach a top speed of up to 170km/h and takes 33 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%.

The current model of XPeng P7 on sale is the 2024 version, and this round of discounts does not involve the current models.

In addition, Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the China Passenger Car Association, pointed out in a recent report that the price reduction scale in the first quarter of 2024 has exceeded 60% of the total for all of 2023, equivalent to the total price reduction scale in 2022. The current pricing competition model is not ‘increasing configuration without reducing prices,’ but mainly directly breaking through the lower limit of original prices. The main factors affecting price reductions are new energy vehicles such as pure electric and plug-in hybrids, while there are few price reductions for fuel vehicles.

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