XPeng Motors Confirms G3 to Cease Production Within This Year

On December 21st, XPeng Motors responded to the rumors about the discontinuation of the G3 model this year by stating that it is a decision based on the company’s long-term planning. The discontinuation of the G3 and G3i models within this year is aimed at allowing XPeng Motors to focus more on advancing its future development strategy.

Regarding the G3 / G3i series models that have already started delivery, XPeng Motors stated that it will fulfill its commitment to owners’ rights and provide 10 years of maintenance and spare parts supply for sold vehicles. At the same time, owners can still receive continuous OTA software upgrade services in the future period.

It was revealed by informed sources that XPeng Motors plans to stop updating the G3 product line and may design a new product to replace it. As for why the G3 model is ‘exiting the stage,’ the informed sources provide the following explanation:

The product line is outdated and does not comply with the strategy of switching all models to the Fu Yao 2.0 architecture.

The main sales force of the brand has been taken over by newer models such as G6 and G9, while the sales performance of G3 has been consistently poor.

The poor sales performance has led to an increase in inventory levels, a decrease in gross profit margin, and the contribution of G3 to sales can be almost “neglected”.

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XPeng Motors’ G3 is the pioneering work of XPeng Motors and its first mass-produced model. The car made its global debut at the 2018 CES in the United States and was launched for sale and delivery in December of the same year. In July 2021, the G3i model was introduced with enhancements in intelligence, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A chip as standard across all variants.

XPeng G3i received an upgrade to Xmart OS 2.4.0 on October 8th this year, which mainly includes upgrades to parking assist imaging, remote image adjustment, switching range display modes, and optimization of some third-party apps.

The XPeng G3i adopts a front-wheel drive layout, with a maximum output power of 145kW (approximately 194 horsepower) from its permanent magnet synchronous motor. The maximum torque is 300N·m, and the NEDC range is between 460 to 520 kilometers.