XPeng Motors Announces New Brand MONA, Expected to Outsell Xiaomi SU7

On April 25th, at 2024 Beijing Auto Show, XPeng Motors announced its new brand MONA.

XPeng Motors Chairman He Xiaopeng delivered a speech, stating that the MONA brand symbolizes Made Of New AI and positions itself as a global promoter of AI smart driving cars.

He Xiaopeng mentioned that the MONA brand will release more information in June this year. He also said, ‘In the second half of this year, it is expected to have better sales than Lei Jun’s Xiaomi car SU7.’

He Xiaopeng also stated that he has had many exchanges with Lei Jun. He said, ‘Lei Jun’s marketing ability is stronger than mine, but I aim to surpass him in terms of technical capabilities.’

In addition, XPeng Motors’ AI Tianji system announced today that it will start public testing. Xiao P will be integrated into the AI large model and there will be full-scale push on May 20th during AI DAY.

XPeng Motors announced in August last year that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Didi, covering the research and development, design, and engineering development of new smart electric vehicles. It mentioned that an A-level smart electric vehicle would be the first product to enter the market under XPeng Motors’ new brand, expected to start mass production in 2024 with the project code name ‘MONA’.

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XPeng Motors stated that the new brand model will have a differentiated positioning from its existing brand products. Meanwhile, Didi will provide full ecological empowerment for XPeng Motors for the first time, offering strong support in multiple dimensions such as intelligent cockpit, smart driving, and shared travel market for ‘MONA’, helping XPeng Motors create popular models within the price range of around 150 thousand RMB and further accelerate the application and popularization of autonomous driving assistance and intelligent cockpit technologies in global markets.