XPeng Motors and Xiaodu Reach Agreements to Promote Intelligent In-Vehicle Systems

XPeng Motors and Xiaodu announced a cooperation agreement on Tuesday in which both sides will improve the human-vehicle interaction experience, such as intelligent voice Q&A in car scenarios, utilizing their respective strengths in voice capabilities.

Xiaodu, also known as Duer, offers an encyclopedic Q&A service that involves a variety of issues such as stocks, calendars, translations, and others. A range of features will be available on some of XPeng Motors’ upcoming models to further promote the development of intelligent in-car systems.

DuerOS is an AI assistant under Baidu. Currently, the number of voice interactions of DuerOS-equipped devices has reached 6.6 billion times per month, and the number of IoT smart home device connections has exceeded 200 million, covering more than 60 categories.

The in-vehicle sector is one of the important scenarios for DuerOS as it has cooperated with more than 800 models. Previously, it reached deals with NIO in which both sides will optimize and upgrade the in-car voice operating system experience of NIO‘s vehicles.

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XPeng Motors has been delivering a fully voice-activated in-vehicle system since 2020, and its intelligent voice assistant allows for advanced interaction capabilities such as continuous dialogue, semantic interruption, and high-precision voice control. In 2021, it was given a new AI voice.

According to delivery data, in May 2022, XPeng Motors delivered a total of 10,125 units, a year-on-year increase of 78%. From January to May, a total of 53,688 units were delivered, up 122% year-on-year. From January to May this year, a total of 53,688 units were delivered, up 122% year-on-year. Today, XPeng Motors announced that it had delivered more than 200,000 units this week.