XPeng G3i Ushers in OTA Upgrade

Chinese electric vehicle maker XPeng announced on July 5 that its G3i model ushered in an over-the-air (OTA) update in which functions such as the smart lighting system and dashboard navigation card, which have often been requested by netizens, are now provided.

As of June 30, 2022, XPeng has pushed through 30 major updates for P7, P5, G3 and G3i users through the OTA system, adding 193 new functions and optimizing another 2419 functions. The new functions of the OTA upgrade for the G3i also include the providing of a reminder if something has been left on the backseat in addition to a search function for charging piles through a built-in map.

The G3i is a pure electric compact SUV, which was launched on July 9, 2021. Its price after subsidies was 168,900 yuan to 203,900 yuan ($24,859 to $30,010). With a body size of 4495mm1820mm1610mm, the G3i is equipped with a driving motor that has maximum power of 145 kW and a maximum torque of 300 N・m, and the cruising range of NEDC is 460-520km.

In terms of intelligent console features, the G3i comes standard with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A chip. This makes the screen more responsive and the software run more smoothly, while also giving the vehicle full-scenario voice capabilities.

The high-end versions of the G3i (460N and 520N) have intelligent driving parking systems and L2 automated driving. Unfortunately, the automated driving systems of the lower-priced versions 460G and 520G only include the function of constant speed cruise, and current owners cannot add the automated driving function by purchasing the optional content.

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According to XPeng, the vehicle manufacturer delivered a total of 15,295 vehicles in June, an increase of 133% year-on-year, including 1,652 units of the G3 series.