XPeng CEO He Xiaopeng Unveils Flying Car Video

He Xiaopeng, the CEO and co-founder of XPeng Motors, as well as one of the strongest promoters of flying cars, on the afternoon of July 13 showed a video of the actual operation of the firm’s X1 aerial vehicle. He said that XPeng has creatively revised and applied the operation mode of cars to flying systems, in order to reduce the difficulty of learning to fly.

According to the video, XPeng flying cars still adopt the operation logic of cars, using a steering wheel and gear lever to control their actions, which is quite different from the traditional airplane concept.

(Source: XPeng Aeroht)

At the same time, on the left side of the driver’s seat, there is a one-key take-off button. When the driver in the video presses it, the car takes off automatically. It is then convenient to control the direction and altitude by a steering wheel and gear lever.

The latest XPeng flying car product is the X2, which is the fifth-generation double intelligent electric aircraft of XPeng Aeroht, the flying car company under XPeng Motors.

The product was officially approved in November 2020 and successfully made its maiden flight in June 2021. It has frequently appeared in major auto shows.

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Compared with the “bare aircraft” in the video, the X2 has a more sci-fi appearance and is relatively more mature. It adopts a closed cockpit for the first time, and the whole body uses a carbon fiber structure. The empty aircraft including the battery weighs 560kg, which can carry two passengers and has a maximum load of 200kg.

The X2 is powered by pure electricity, with a range of up to 35 minutes and a designed flight altitude of less than 1,000m, making it suitable for low-altitude flights in future cities. During the flight, the maximum flight speed is 130km/h.

This aircraft also has the ability of autonomous flight path planning. Through multiple sensors, the aircraft can realize ground monitoring, environmental perception without dead ends, self-service return and landing, and two-way real-time communication over 100km.