Xiaomi’s Wireless Charging Car Patent Reveals

On October 10th, the patent for ‘Electric Vehicle Charging System and Method’ applied by Xiaomi Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. was published.

This disclosure relates to a charging vehicle and a charging method. The charging vehicle includes: a battery compartment for loading batteries; and a wireless charging device for wirelessly transmitting the electrical energy of the batteries to an electric vehicle.

The autonomous driving system is used to control the charging vehicle to drive to a predetermined relative position with the electric vehicle. In this relative position, the wireless charging device can wirelessly transmit electrical energy from the battery to the electric vehicle.

It is reported that this charging vehicle has improved the automation of electric vehicle charging and reduced the complexity of the charging process.

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According to previous reports from various sources, Xiaomi‘s car is expected to enter mass production in the first half of 2024. William Lu also revealed during the second-quarter performance exchange that Xiaomi‘s car has just completed summer testing and made smooth progress. The goal of Xiaomi‘s car to start mass production in the first half of 2024 remains unchanged.

The spy photos of the first model of this brand have been exposed earlier, and the new car is already in the road testing phase. According to the information obtained so far, Xiaomi‘s future car products are very promising. For example, they will adopt the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chipset, support an 800V platform, be equipped with LiDAR and advanced driver assistance systems. The new car will also provide a range of 700 kilometers.