Xiaomi’s Sale Volume of Customized Terminal Devices Exceeds 1 Million Units

Chinese telecom giant Xiaomi on Tuesday announced for the first time its service strategy aimed at enterprises and the development of its ToB business department (providing services for enterprises) which had been established in January this year.

“We can use the advantages of existing clients to fully empower enterprise customers, ” Wang Xiang, partner and President of Xiaomi, said. “The mission of the ToB business is to empower everything and make it a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

Bai Peng, Vice President of Xiaomi‘s ToB business department, revealed that the department is divided into two parts: customized terminal devices and intelligent ecology. Among them, the terminal devices includes mobile phones, televisions, speakers, tablets, etc. The intelligent ecology, meanwhile, will provide solutions for five major industries such as residence, hotel, apartment, office and old-age care.

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According to Bai Peng, from January this year to the present, customized terminal devices, the largest segment of Xiaomi‘s ToB business, have served more than 15 industries, with sales volume exceeding 1 million units. In terms of intelligent ecological business, 75% of TOP3 real estate companies have cooperated with Xiaomi. The business currently covers 15 cities in China.

In the next 1 to 2 years, Xiaomi aims at increasing the number of actived customized terminal devices every year by 1 million units, and growing the market share of its customized terminal devices to over 30%.