Xiaomi’s First Car Model Completes Its Pricing and May Be Launched Next Year

On July 5th, the supplier revealed the latest progress on Xiaomi’s first car, stating that the quotation process has been completed.

Changchun FAWAY Automobile Components responded to the question “How is the cooperation between the company and Xiaomi Vehicle?” by stating, “The company is actively communicating with Xiaomi Vehicle and several subsidiary companies have already joined Xiaomi Vehicle’s procurement team. Currently, the pricing for Xiaomi‘s first model has been completed.”

Based on the information disclosed by the supplier, it appears that the production process of Xiaomi‘s car is steadily progressing. According to William Lu, a partner, and president of Xiaomi, testing for Xiaomi‘s car will be conducted in both summer and winter this year, with an official launch scheduled for the first half of next year. As early as May this year, William Lu pointed out that Xiaomi‘s car was “progressing smoothly and is expected to meet or slightly exceed expectations in terms of timing.

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Previously, there were rumors circulating online that Xiaomi cars would start at ¥149,900 ($20,000). However, it was later confirmed by the official sources to be false information. This misinformation originated from speculations captured by the “Xiao AI voice assistant,” which led to widespread rumors. In early June, a certain automotive blogger claimed to have taken real-life photos of Xiaomi cars and described the vehicle as having a large size and an especially cool low-profile posture.