Xiaomi’s First Car Aims to Ship 300 Units in December, with Preparations Underway for the Exhibition Vehicles

The first Xiaomi car entered the fifth stage of production line verification (PT5) at the Yizhuang factory last week. The factory aims to complete the target of assembling 300 vehicles this month, which is several times higher than in November.

This does not mean that the new car will be mass-produced this month, but rather it is for the purpose of supplying display cars to terminals. The mass production schedule will not be earlier than the first quarter of next year. At the same time, as it is their first car, Xiaomi‘s emphasis is on stability rather than speed.

In addition, in order to make room for cars, some products from the Xiaomi ecosystem will be removed from the Xiaomi Home.

An engineer close to Xiaomi revealed that the new car is currently in the stage of production line debugging and verification. Therefore, production volume is not the core objective at this stage. The important thing is to resolve any issues encountered. The report disclosed some details about problems during mass production: some issues were found on the vehicle system, but they were partially resolved through remote OTA updates and with the help of some research and development staff stationed at headquarters. More problems were identified in the manufacturing process, such as frequent assembly line stoppages and delays in component distribution.

Xiaomi has currently planned three car models, which will be released one after another in the next three years. The first two models are battery electric vehicles with codenames ‘Modena’ and ‘Le Mans’, while the third model is a hybrid vehicle with the codename ‘Kunlun’. Among them, ‘Kunlun’ has already entered the design phase.

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