Xiaomi Unveils New Magnetic Charging Technology

Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi unveiled a wireless charging technology called “small inductance + magnetic absorption” on Sunday, including an ultra-thin magnetic wireless charger (30W) and an active refrigeration magnetic wireless charger (50W). However, Xiaomi has also said this technology is in the “pre-research” stage, indicating that it may not be mass-produced or commercialized in the near future.

According to the technical details offered by Xiaomi, the chargers support magnetic wireless charging. Through the force of magnets, the transmitting and receiving coils of wireless charging can be tightened, featuring a small size, effective interaction and comprehensive rotation without any obstructions. The firm believes that wireless charging technology will be a key aspect of its future development. However, the strong magnetic field easily leads to coil current saturation. In addition, it is easier to cause high module temperatures at both the transmitting and receiving ends of magnetic wireless charging, so it is difficult to realize high power through magnetic charging.

(Source: Xiaomi)

In an effort to resolve such problems, Xiaomi developed the technology it calls “small inductance + magnetic absorption” over the course of two years. It uses a small inductance coil to induce energy at the sending end. The volume of the receiving coil in this technology is only one-third that of more traditional ones. Under the same conditions, the energy loss can be reduced to more than half that of traditional coils. For high module temperatures, the firm has designed ultra-thin magnetic wireless chargers and active refrigeration magnetic wireless chargers.

Among them, the power of Xiaomi‘s ultra-thin magnetic wireless charger is 30W, capable of charging a 5000mAh battery in 86 minutes. The thin and light body is equipped with 17 ring-shaped array magnetic cores. It supports 360° magnetic absorption with adjustable angles, for horizontal and vertical screen use scenarios while charging without obstructions. With 800g super-strong absorption, it can stably charge a device that weighs about four times a regular smartphone. In addition, it will intelligently adjust the charging power according to the temperature of the smartphone and will provide a number of safety precautions.

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For more intensive applications, Xiaomi also launched an active refrigeration magnetic wireless charger. Like the previously introduced charger, this one is light and thin, equipped with 17 annular array magnetic cores, and can be adjusted by 360°. It adopts semiconductor refrigeration technology, which can cool down smartphones, and the surface temperature can be reduced by 20ºC in just one minute. In addition, the charging power is further increased to 50W, and it can fully charge a 5000mAh battery in 49 min.