Xiaomi Responds to Rumors of ‘Double-Line’ Car Manufacturing

On Tuesday morning, general manager of Xiaomi’s public relations Wang Hua denied recent reports regarding the firm’s so-called ‘double-line’ car manufacturing. He added that Smartmi Technology is an eco-chain company, and that Xiaomi will not directly participate in Smartmi’s strategic decision-making.

Wang also said that they learned about the car-manufacturing news from the original report, and rushed to check it immediately. He explained that Smartmi Technology is studying electric vehicles out of interest. They only set up a small team, and are doing very preliminary work. Xiaomi will officially inform the public regarding car-manufacturing progress at an appropriate time.

Smartmi Technology is an eco-chain company controlled by Xiaomi, specializing in air conditioners, air purifiers and other products. According to 36Kr’s report on Monday, it was learned from many people familiar with the matter that Smartmi has joined in the car-building boom. Additionally, Ma Yongdong, the former head of electric vehicle project of PATAC, leads Smartmi’s vehicle business. Furthermore, many electrical architecture personnel of BAIC Group have recently joined Smartmi.

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