Xiaomi Obtains Patent for Unique Virtual Character Creation

A Beijing subsidiary of Xiaomi announced on July 15 that a patent entitled “Image Parameter Generation Method, Device and Storage Medium of Reproductive Virtual Characters” has been authorized.

The patent introduction shows that it can generate virtual characters with different images according to different gene sequences, and the generated images of virtual characters are unpredictable, increasing the interest of generating virtual characters.  Related information can also be stored with blockchain, so as to ensure that virtual characters are unique, unrepeatable and cannot be destroyed.

According to Tianyancha, a Chinese commercial inquiry platform, the Xiaomi subsidiary and Beijing Pinecone Electronics Co., Ltd. previously published a patent entitled “Virtual Character Processing Method, Device and Storage Medium” on January 11, 2022. According to the patent introduction, it can complete a role creation process from character design to image, which not only simplifies the engineering work required for traditional character creation, but also makes the character design and image of the created virtual role more natural.

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Xiaomi‘s investment in patents has been high. By March 31, 2022, it had more than 26,000 global patents and more than 53,000 global patent applications. Among them, with its development of imaging and fast charging technology, the company has more than 980 global patents in imaging technology and more than 2,400 global patent applications. The number of global patent applications for charging technology now exceeds 1,550, and the number of global patent applications for wired fast charging exceeds 390.