Xiaomi Launches 30W Wireless Charging Technology

On September 9, Xiaomi introduced its new wireless charging technology, including the world’s first 30W wireless fast charging technology as well as high power reverse-charging capabilities (reverse charging turns one device into a charger). Xiaomi‘s upcoming second 5G smartphone, the Mi 9 Pro 5G will be equipped with this technology. The event also featured the launch of two brand new wireless charging accessories.

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Mi 9 Pro 5G will be the first to equip 30W wireless charge
Mi 9 Pro 5G will be the first to equip 30W wireless charge (Source: Xiaomi)

The 30W wireless charging technology can charge a 4000mAh battery from zero to 50% in about 25 minutes, and 100% in 69 minutes. The high power reverse charging, on the other hand, could charge 20% of an iPhone XS in just 30 minutes.

Mi Charge Turbo support devices
Mi Charge Turbo (Source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi also announced its 40W wireless charging technology has already entered a testing phase, marking another upgrade that complements the 5G era. As Cui Baoqiu, the deputy president of Xiaomi said, “The coming 5G era is meant to be highly efficient, accompanied by a series of new technological reforms. However in the meantime, 5G means higher requirements for smartphones’ charging capabilities.

Xiaomi upcoming 40W wireless charging technology
Xiaomi upcoming 40W wireless charging technology (Source: Xiaomi)

Four innovations in wireless charging

Cui announced four technological innovations in the field of wireless charging, including an efficient 4:1 direct-charge architecture, high power wireless reverse-charging technology, a more secure and stable dual band transmission technology, and a universal combination of wired reverse-charging and high-power wireless reverse-charging – all these provide a higher efficiency for wireless charging in all kinds of situations.

Four technological innovations
Four technological innovations (Source: Xiaomi)

The upcoming Mi 9 Pro 5G will support four types of charging: wired fast charging, wireless flash charging, wired reverse charging and wireless reverse charging. This versatile combination enables users to charge their devices whenever, and wherever. For example, when your phone is using wired fast charging, you can also use its wireless reverse charging functionality to simultaneously charge other phones or earphones that support wireless charging.

New charging accessories

Xiaomi also launched two brand new wireless charging accessories – a 30W Fan-cooled Wireless Charging Stand and a 20W Smart Tracking Wireless Charging Pad.

20W Smart Tracking Wireless Charging Pad
20W Smart Tracking Wireless Charging Pad (Source: Xiaomi)

The 30W Fan-cooled Wireless Charging Stand sports an ergonomic design, which allows for optimal viewing and operating while charging wirelessly.

The 20W Smart Tracking Wireless Charging Pad could automatically track and align its charging coils to a user’s smartphone.

Wireless charging in everyday life scenarios

In recent years, Xiaomi has put huge efforts into developing both wired and wireless technology. In regards to wired charging, after the Mi 3 and Mi 5 first supported QC 2.0/3.0 fast charge certification, the Mi 9 first supported 27W fast charge, and also demonstrated the 100W super fast charge technology, able to fully charge a 4000mAh battery in under 17 minutes.

30W wireless charging (Source: Xiaomi)

Up until now, the Mi 9’s 20W wireless charging remains the top wireless charging solution in the industry, and has also received a safe wireless charging certification 2.0 from TÜV Rheinland, Germany. Various wireless charging accessories such as the Mi Wireless Power Bank and Mi Wireless Car Charger are also gaining popularity.

In the meantime, Xiaomi, along with its smart home brand MiJia, has teamed up with several industry leaders to form a wireless charging alliance. The new alliance will further expand and integrate wireless charging into everyday life scenarios. From a wireless charging stand to a wireless charging sofa and bedside table, the company is aiming to provide a comprehensive charging experience for all consumers.