Xiaomi Invests in VR Company Co-founded by Movie Director Zhang Yimou

According to Tianyancha App, Sky Limit Entertainment, a VR company co-founded by Chinese film director Zhang Yimou, has added Xiaomi‘s affiliated company, Hanxing Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and Intel Asia Pacific R&D Co., Ltd. as shareholders. The registered capital of the company has increased to 75.7 million yuan.

Sky Limit Entertainment is a VR entertainment service provider integrating IP operation, content production, and digital real-life entertainment. The company was established in February 2008, and its legal representative is Qi Xiao. Its business scope includes organizing cultural and artistic activities, stage lighting and sound design, and performance agent, among other elements of the digital performing arts.

The company’s current shareholders include Zhang Yimou, Lenovo Capital, Mango Foundation, Weiyue Group, Intel and others.

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Xiaomi‘s investment in recent years has involved AR, VR, semiconductor chips, automotive electronics, automobile manufacturing, autonomous driving and many other fields.