Xiaomi Invests in Chip Design Company AI Micron

Recently, Tianyancha App showed that AI Micron has made a change of registration with the Industrial and Commercial Administration. Hubei Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Investment Fund Partnership, Zhuhai Gejin GF Xinde Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Investment Fund (Limited Partnership) and other partnerships are now the new shareholders of the company.

In addition, the registered capital of the company has increased from about 1.63million yuan ($257,522) to about 1.84 million.

AI Micron was established in August 2017 with a business scope including the research, development and design of integrated circuits and chips. The company has also engaged in the development of electronic technology.

The company was founded by many senior chip experts in Silicon Valley. The company has innovated and developed its own Automotive High Definition Link (AHDL) SERDES protocol, which is used in the smart car industry.

Xiaomi has enhanced its competitiveness in the industrial chain by adding a number of chip semiconductor companies to its holdings, for computer chips are the cornerstone of the industry. The company has also invested in several IoT chip development companies, including Ultra Ception, Nano-Core Chip, SinoVision SensTech, and Anyka Microelectronics.

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Since Xiaomi officially announced its plan to produce vehicles in March 2021, the company has taken a series of steps in the field of electric vehicles and has invested in nearly 40 automotive industry chains. The company’s investments include many core technology fields of the industrial chain such as intelligent driving, on-board chips and power batteries, and has constantly improved its own automotive industry chain. In the field of on-board chips, the company invested in Yuntu Semiconductor, Black Sesame Technologies, Motorcomm Electronic Technology.