Xiaomi Gains Magnetic AR Glasses Patent, Advancing Metaverse Layout

A magnetic AR glasses patent applied for by a Beijing subsidiary of Xiaomi has been authorized on July 19, apparently marking further progress in the tech giant’s metaverse layout.

The patent summary suggests the AR glasses include a frame, the first temple and the second temple. Specifically, the frame comprises the first and the second temple’s connecting part. In addition, the first and the second temple are embeded with magnetic suction parts, which also exist in the corresponding connecting part. They are connected by the corresponding magnetic suction parts. The glasses have advantages of detachability, portability, convenient installation and stability.

In fact, Xiaomi previously issued a brand-new exploratory version of Xiaomi Smart Glasses in September 2021, and its appearance was not much different from that of ordinary glasses. However, there has been no further development since then.

The exploratory edition adopts MicroLED optical waveguide technology, which hides the MicroLED display at roughly the size of a grain of rice in the frame. Through advanced optical waveguide lenses, light can be transferred spatially, and pictures can be displayed in front of the eyes, so that the smart glasses can be truly miniaturized. The product weighs 51g and supports calling, display, navigation, taking pictures and translation.

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This product integrates 497 micro sensors and communication modules. The company said that it was not only the second screen of smartphones, but a brand-new intelligent terminal with independent operation.

In November of last year, a Xiaomi spokesperson commented on its rolling layout in the metaverse, according to STCN.com. The firm said that it is paying close attention to the relevant opportunities in making metaverse-related merchandise, and that it has acquired significant relevant technical reserves and relevant investments and preparations in fields like smartphones, videos and displays.