Xiaomi Executives to Become Directors of Kaiyun Motors

On Tuesday, it was reported that Liu De, co-founder, executive director and senior vice president of Xiaomi Group, and Kong Kat Wong, co-founder of Xiaomi, are to become the directors of Kaiyun Motors.

As early as March 2021, it was reported that Zhao Caixia, former vice president of Xiaomi Ecological Chain, became COO of Kaiyun Motors. On July 26th, news reports indicated that Deng Yuangu, the former managing partner of Nokia Growth Partners (NGP), became the new partner of Kaiyun Motors and served as the Chief Value Officer.

According to official data, Kaiyun Motors expects to produce smart commercial vehicles using Xiaomi‘s strategy of making electric cars, and thereby construct a new-type smart commercial vehicle by providing a full-process logistics solution integrating smart hardware, system, and service.

Kaiyun Motors develops smart commercial vehicles empowered by the Internet of Things. CSG DESIGN, its parent company, was founded in 2009, and began to design and develop new energy vehicles in 2013. New website Tianyancha shows that,up to now, Kaiyun Motors has completed five rounds of financing.

PICKMAN, a product launched by Kaiyun Motors, is a low-speed, all-terrain, electric pickup truck, which can be found in many townships and rural markets. The vehicle was released in May 2016, aiming at meeting the needs of daily short-distance travel and terminal micro-logistics all while using minimally more fuel yet serving the same function as traditional low-quality electric tricycles.

Wang Chao, Chairman and CEO of Kaiyun Motors, said, “Kaiyun will promote the existing business model and efficiency of the industry through hardware innovation around its core products, and provide efficient and intelligent vehicles and services for urban entrepreneurs.”

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Xiaomi had announced its entry into the field of electric vehicles in April. At present, the Anhui Province State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission is in contact with Xiaomi Motors, intending to introduce Xiaomi Motors into Hefei Motors, while JAC Group may work for Xiaomi Motors. The first model of Xiaomi‘s electric vehicles is likely to focus on the market below 200,000 yuan, and will lay the foundations for the power exchange business.