Xiaomi Executive Serves as Legal Representative of Newly Founded Company, Business Scope Includes IC Chip Design

According to Qichacha, a Chinese enterprise information inquiry platform, Shanghai Xuanjie Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 7 with a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan ($236.41 million). Zeng Xuezhong, Vice President of Xiaomi and President of Xiaomi‘s smartphone department, serves as the new company’s executive director, general manager and legal representative, while Liu De serves as supervisor.

The business scope of the company includes technical services, development and consultation in the fields of electronic technology, communication technology, information technology and semiconductor technology. Furthermore, it also operates in the areas of IC (integrated circuit) chip design, service and product sales as well as the sales of semiconductor discrete devices. The enterprise is wholly owned by X-Ring Limited.

Adam Zeng worked in ZTE for 22 years, and served as Executive Vice President, Global Vice President of ZTE and CEO of ZTE Terminal. Previously, Xiaomi Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. underwent changes to its registration with the Industrial and Commercial Administration, and its legal representative was changed from Lei Jun to Adam Zeng. At the same time, Lei Jun withdrew from the position of executive director and general manager.

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In the field of chips, Xiaomi released a chip named Surge S1 in 2017. After a lapse of four years, Xiaomi launched Surge C1, a custom image signal processor, which was mounted on the new Mi MIX FOLD smartphone. Adam Zeng said earlier that Xiaomi will persist in making the Surge chips, and besides MIX FOLD, more and more Xiaomi high-end flagship products will also apply the chips in the future.