Xiaomi CC Targets Global Young Generation

Xiaomi announced its new sub-brand Xiaomi CC. CC has many meanings including chic, cool, colorful and creative, aiming at the global young generation with its trendy design and camera features.

“Here comes the Xiaomi CC, a trendy mobile phone for global young people,” Lei Jun wrote in his official WeChat account.

Lei also said that Xiaomi, a young smartphone brand, has been growing over the past nine years. They have a very simple idea, which is to create a smartphone that they like and that is “cool“.

The company started a young “chic and cool“ team, also the youngest product team in the company, for Xiaomi CC. Team members are mostly millennials, of which more than half are art majors. They will work on creating a fashionable design with popular colors.

Xiaomi CC is designed to be a flagship for photos. Best hardware of the company and an AI beauty lab will empower the flagship to offer photo shooting experiences with powerful front camera and back camera, which is also CC.

“Being simple, splendid, sincere and straightforward, we are a good choice for all young people,” Lei said.

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In cooperation with Meitu, the famous selfie smartphone and app producer, the company will release another smartphone targeting female customers.