Xiaomi Applies for New AR Glasses Patent

On March 17th, Xiaomi announced its patent application for “AR glasses payment methods, devices, AR glasses, media, and program products”, as reported by IT Home.

According to the China National Intellectual Property Administration, Xiaomi‘s patent application mainly includes the following aspects. Firstly, the apparatus used within the AR glasses to collect images of the current environment. Secondly, the ability to extract a two-dimensional code image of the payee. Finally, the ability to generate authentication instructions. According to the authentication instructions, a result is then obtained.

Moreover, if the user’s authentication is not passed, the operation will be automatically rejected by the system. Otherwise, the AR glasses will initiate a payment instruction to the server for executing the payment operation according to the payment instructions.

Through this new patented technology, users will be able to use AR glasses directly to complete their payment operations, which will improve payment convenience for many users.

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In addition, Xiaomi‘s AR glasses contain many other patents. For example, the camera can be used to shoot a real scenario image of the outside world and display it as a three-dimensional image within the display lens of the glasses. The AR glasses can also translate text and display the result to the user. Finally, the glasses can prompt the user of the upcoming target lyrics fragments according to the voice sung by the user.