Xiaodu Launches New Products, Including Smart Screen for Family Use

On Tuesday, Jing Kun, Vice President of Baidu Group, General Manager of Baidu Life Business Group and CEO of Xiaodu Technology, released two new smart products: the Tiantian Smart Fitness Mirror and Smart Camera TV V75. The new products are aimed towards family use and younger tech users.

In September 2020, Baidu announced that its smart life business group (Xiaodu Technology) had completed the signing of an independent financing agreement. After the financing is completed, Baidu will still have control over Xiaodu Technology. In August 2021, Xiaodu Technology completed the B round of financing, driving its valuation to 33 billion yuan ($5.2 billion).

Xiaodu also established a strategic partnership with Lecoo, a smart retail chain brand to help users in various cities enjoy these products immediately.

Tiantian Smart Fitness Mirror

At present, fitness has become a national strategy. Tiantian Smart Fitness Mirror, as the second product under Xiaodu’s sub-brand Tiantian, integrates cutting-edge AI technology with a variety of games to meet the different fitness needs of family members. The Mirror is priced at 4699 yuan and 4199 yuan respectively based on two versions.

The mirror can capture 19 key bone points of the human body while accurately identifying the user’s body movements. When the user exercises in front of the Mirror, the device can track the user’s body movements one by one, which allows for a more precise analysis of a user’s physical movements during various exercises, including squatting, sitting, bending over and others.

Tiantian Smart Fitness Mirror (Source: Xiaodu)

In addition, the Mirror stores a variety of popular games and fitness courses to meet the fitness needs of family members of all ages.

Smart Camera TV V75

The Smart Camera TV V75 is the first smart TV with the name “camera” in the title. Its retail price is 4999 yuan and includes an AI-assisted camera within the TV itself.

“Expanding the TV’s service boundary through an AI cameras is a big development,” predicted Jing Kun, CEO of Xiaodu Technology. “In the future, all TVs will become smart camera TVs.”

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Equipped with an AI camera, the TV supports integration with other smart products such as smartphones and voice assistants, such as Xiaodu. The TV also has the ability of home care while allowing users to view their home status remotely and in real time.