Wuling Motors to Explore Hybrid Vehicle Market

Just as the sales of Wuling Motors’ pure electric models are about to exceed one million units, the Chinese automotive firm announced on July 14 that it will officially enter the hybrid vehicle market.

Wuling’s hybrid vehicle plan comprises two main paths: hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). The company will launch HEVs first according to current market needs, aiming to provide suitable solutions for consumers without sufficient charging piles in their communities.

The hybrid edition of the Wuling Kaijie and Wuling Xingchen, which are expected to be launched in the second half of the year, will be equipped with a hybrid powertrain system consisting of a 2.0 L engine, electric motor and battery pack.

Wuling’s hybrid model (Source: Wuling Motors)

Legal application information on the hybrid-edition Wuling Xingchen was previously unveiled by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This vehicle is equipped with a 2.0 L engine, with a maximum power of 100kW, as well as a ternary lithium-ion battery.

Some media outlets have also released undercover photos of Wuling’s first hybrid model. Combined with available official information, this new car has fuel consumption of 4.6L per 100 kilometers and a battery life of 665 kilometers. Its engine will charge the battery while driving.

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Wuling Motors was established in 1985, and began to operate a joint venture with SAIC and General Motors called SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) in 2002. SGMW sold 326,100 vehicles in the first quarter of 2022, up 5.65% year-on-year.