Wuling Motors Announces New Hybrid Technology

Wuling Motors announced on July 19 its Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT), the world’s first single-gear electromagnetic transmission.

On July 14, Wuling announced its formal entry into the hybrid vehicle market, outlining its future efforts in hybrid and plug-in hybrid products.

Through public testing data, Wuling found that hybrid models account for 90% of urban driving scenarios in daily use, and that the speed is below 80km/h for 95% of the time. In addition, the firm found that electric drive mode is the main channel. For the purpose of a more inductive experience, Wuling has successfully developed a single-gear electromagnetic DHT.

Wuling says that in contrast to traditional hydraulic DHT, the single-gear electromagnetic DHT adopts a highly efficient electromagnetic bonding method and has no degradation of experience due to changes in the physical characteristics of the fluid. It also features ultra-high speed control accuracy for faster and smoother switching.

This single-gear electromagnetic DHT has a comprehensive efficiency of 98%. When front and rear gear discs of electromagnetic clutch are combined, there is no oil transfer energy loss of hydraulic DHT, and no friction energy loss for the conventional clutch, which is efficient and stable.

Wuling data shows that its electromagnetic clutch system has completed 1 million bonding verifications and 35,000 hours of bench verification. Additionally, its core technology – electromagnetic DHT application – has obtained iso/iec Joint Information Technology Committee ASPICE CL2 international authority certification.

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According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wuling’s first HEV hybrid is the Wuling Xingchen. This is a compact SUV, targeting younger generations through its design and configuration. In terms of power, the Xingchen adopts a 110kW 2.0 L engine and a ternary lithium ion battery.