World Brand Lab: Among Chinese Firms, Tencent Ranks Second, Huawei Fifth in List of Top 500 Brands Globally

On Tuesday, the latest (18th) 2021 ‘World’s 500 Most Influential Brands 2021‘ was released by World Brand Lab.

Google, Amazon and Microsoft claim the top three slots. With excellent market performance and strong business growth, last year’s runner-up Google defeated Amazon to become the winner of this year. Amazon’s performance was poorer than expected due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was therefore relegated to second place. Meanwhile, Microsoft, whose net profits increased greatly in fiscal year 2021, continued to hold third place.

In terms of countries, the United States continues to rank first in the world with 198 brands on the list. China ranks fourth on the list with 44 brands, sitting in the second tier of the global brand power along with France, Japan and Britain. Among the 44 Chinese brands, Tencent ranks second, Huawei ranks fifth, Lenovo ranks 11th and Xiaomi ranks 40th.

In addition to the new energy vehicle brands that have received much attention, there are also some rising Chinese brands that have performed well, including State Grid Corporation of China, Haier, China Resources, China Life Insurance Company, Wuliangye Yibin, Tsingtao Brewery, Sinochem, China Southern Power Grid, Hengli, XCMG Construction Machinery and China Beidahuang Industry Group.

This year’s list covers 47 industries. Among them, a total of 37 brands in the automobile and auto part industry entered the list, and its ranking continued to be first. The food and beverage industry has 34 brands on the list this year, ranking second. The pandemic situation makes information dissemination more important and widens the gap between different brands in the media industry. 28 brands from the media industry were listed, ranking third just like last year. The energy industry ranks fourth with 27 brands on the list. Other top industries are retail (24), internet (23) and banking (23), ranking fifth and tied for sixth, respectively.

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In addition, there are 26 newly listed brands this year. Among the new brands on the list, China Resources ranks highest at 70th in the complete list. Besides, the newly listed brands in China include AIA, Xiaomi, Shenghong and ITG Holding.

According to public information, ‘The World’s 500 Most Influential Brands’ list, which has been published for 18 consecutive years, is judged by brands’ global influence. This so-called ‘brand influence’ refers to its ability to open up and occupy the market and thus gain profits.

Based on the three key indicators of brand influence, namely market share, brand loyalty and global leadership, the World Brand Lab comprehensively scored about 15,000 famous brands in the world, and finally released the list of 500 most influential brands in the world.