World AI Conference Announces Awards Spanning Hard Tech and Metaverse

On September 1, the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) commenced in Shanghai with the announcement of its top award, the Super AI Leader (SAIL).

Over the past five years, the SAIL has had 137 finalists and 23 winners. This year, SAIL covers popular fields such as the metaverse, smart chips, AI big models, and more. More than 800 projects competed for the prize, and only five “SAIL Awards” and six “SAIL Stars” were awarded.

The award-winning projects this year range from chips, general-purpose technologies, virtual reality, and intelligent medicine. For example, the world’s first OPT-Omni-Perception pre-trainer large model “Zidong Taichu” developed by the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the BR100 large-calculus AI general-purpose GPU chip developed by Biren Technology, and a paper discussing in-vivo observations of 3D subcellular dynamics by a team from Tsinghua University.

SAIL Star was awarded to Ant Group’s self-developed “Intelligent Risk Awareness and Response Joint Anti-Fraud System,” Huawei Cloud’s AI-assisted drug design platform, and Horizon Robotics’ Journey™ 5 chip.

Each year, the SAIL is considered a new trend and a benchmark in the field of AI. Before today’s announcement, SAIL’s organizing committee selected the top 30 from more than 800 entries from universities, research institutions and top enterprises around the world. The nominated projects show the technical strength of the deep integration of new generation AI technologies and industrial fields.

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This year, WAIC is themed “Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Multiverse.” The core technologies of the metaverse, such as virtual nativity, digital twinning and spatial computing, support the keynote interpretation of the conference from the evolution of AI itself to the metaverse powered by AI.