WM Motor Releases Public Automated Valet Parking

On May 20, Chinese electric vehicle firm WM Motor released a brand-new Public Automated Valet Parking (PAVP) product, a solution for unmanned automatic parking in non-fixed parking areas in public lots. WM Motor said that its PAVP would soon be promoted to W6 users through OTA upgrades.

Traditional Automated Valet Parking (APA) offers automated parking routes based on high-precision maps and sensors when the vehicle arrives in the parking lot, and automatically finds a parking space in which it parks the vehicle.

But most of today’s AVP features are merely supposed memory parking features, such as through learning (sensor scanning) and multiple memories. The parking lot, parking space, and parking route are recorded within a limited range, then it repeats the same procedure.

PAVP is applied with a mobile phone app for remote access and intelligent parking. Vehicles equipped with PAVP can rely on their own sensors, high-precision maps of the parking lot, parking lot location markers and cloud-based scheduling to achieve AVP.

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Vehicles can park in lots that meet PAVP standards without any learning, and drivers only need to drive to the designated drop-off area in the parking lot, open the WM app and select high-precision map parking. Then, the cloud computer will dispatch parking space information and route information, automatically bringing the car to a halt in these locations. When picking up the car, drivers only need to arrive at a designated pick-up point and summon the vehicle through the app.