Wissen Secures $10M in Pre-A+ Financing

Wissen, a Shenzhen-based service robot company, announced on Wednesday that it has completed a pre-A+ round of financing, with a cumulative amount of nearly $10 million. The leading investors were Shunwei Capital and BlueRun Ventures, followed by existing shareholder Zoo Capital.

This funding will be used to accelerate the research and development of new robot products and the construction of a high-quality team for Wissen in support of the commercialization of multiple scenarios.

Founded in 2019, Wissen provides flexible, smart and safe interactive service robot solutions. It offers flexible, dexterous and safe operational interactive service robotic solutions. The team builds integrated intelligent work robots with lightweight and flexible arms as the core, meeting the diversified needs of different service scenarios for safe, flexible mobile and interactive operations. The products are widely used in many fields such as public services, security and electricity, the energy and chemical industry, extermination and epidemic prevention, and intelligent parks.

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It has independently developed a series of lightweight and ultra-lightweight flexible robotic arm units and intelligent control algorithms, and has successively created the “K series” and “S series” flexible robotic arms and grippers. Based on active and passive safety technology, they achieve all-weather and comprehensive safe and flexible work in unstructured scenarios where collisions may occur.

Wei Li, a partner of Shunwei Capital, said that after five years of research and development, Wissen’s team breaks through the material and configuration limitations of the original flexible technology route. Compared to rigid robotic arms, its flexible arms and gripper solutions feature high safety, high flexibility, high load ratios, low costs and low power consumption. In the future, Shunwei will help the team in all aspects and looks forward to seeing it introduce flexible robots into more applications.