William Li Personally Tests: NIO ET7 Equipped with A 150kWh Battery Has A Range of Over 1044km

On the morning of December 17th at 6:30 AM (Beijing time), William Li, CEO and founder of NIO, drove the ET7 from Shanghai to personally test the endurance of the 150 kWh battery pack. Finally, at 19:44, it officially exceeded a range of 1000km.

After a total of more than 14 hours, William Li announced that the final driving distance for this test was 1044 kilometers. However, at this point, there is only 3% battery remaining, which is estimated to be able to drive for over 30 kilometers. In this test, the intelligent driving mileage displayed was approximately 957 kilometers, accounting for about 91.67% of the total distance traveled. The overall energy consumption during the trip was 13.2 kWh per hundred kilometers (with an ambient temperature of 12℃ and an interior temperature of 19℃).

Actually, William Li previously stated in 2021 that the NIO ES8, equipped with this battery pack, had a range of up to 730 kilometers (NEDC standard), while the large flagship sedan ET7 is expected to have a range exceeding 1000 kilometers.

According to the data provided by NIO, this battery pack previously set a record for electric vehicles in internal testing, achieving a distance of 1145 kilometers from Kunming to Beihai.

William Li proposed suggestions to other car companies during testing: CEOs of major car companies should personally test the actual range of their own electric vehicles. ‘If CEOs can handle it, then ordinary users should be able to as well.’ At the same time, he also expressed that CEO testing for range should ‘become an industry standard’.

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William Li also revealed some details about the 150-degree battery pack during the live broadcast, claiming it to be the world’s first heat-loss-free soft-pack CTP battery. The battery cells used are independently developed by NIO, with a high energy density of up to 360Wh/kg. It is currently the highest-capacity and highest-energy-density power battery pack product available for mass production in China.

William Li stated that all models of the first and second generation platforms have completed the verification announcement. The team has conducted various tests, and the performance in terms of range and other aspects has exceeded expectations. Mass production is expected to begin in April next year.