Weibo Ranks on Hurun List for First Time

Hurun Institute released its 2017 brand list, on which Weibo ranked first among newly-ranking brands and sixth among technology brands, on December 7. Weibo’s brand value was estimated at 29.5 billion yuan.

One hundred and sixty-two brands among the Top 200 grew in value compared with last year, with 24 brands making the list for the first time. The brand value of Weibo ranked first among the new brands.

On the technology list, Weibo ranked sixth with a brand value of 29.5 billion yuan. Its brand value accounts for about 20 percent of its market capitalization. Since the start of 2017, share prices of Weibo have risen by more than 150 percent and are now worth more than US $22 billion.

As of September, the number of active users on Weibo reached 376 million. More than 90 percent of the users were mobile users, according to Weibo’s Q3 results. According to the Hurun Institute, the topics and news effects of Weibo’s VIP users and stars have attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of users. A series of Weibo effects, such as combatting human trafficking, Weibo marketing and self-media, have provided many hotspots for Internet users. The real time, sense of scene and the speed of Weibo are far better than many media.

The Hurun List is a comprehensive evaluation of brand values based on relevant economic data and the survey results of consumers. Listed companies calculate the market value by the stock’s closing price on October 18, 2017, and the market value of unlisted companies is evaluated by referring to the price-earnings ratio of listed companies in relevant industries.

This article originally appeared in Sina Technology and was translated by Pandaily.