WeChat Search Upgraded to Compete With Baidu

Search engine has always been an intense battleground for all tech giants. On December 11, Tencent upgraded the search function on its most popular product WeChat. The upgraded WeChat search is able to provide users with access huge quantities of information and services.

Apart from mini-programs and products, users can now search for services such as weather reports, stocks, medical consultations, as well as entertainment services including music, games, novels, and video content. In addition, news, encyclopedia entries and Q&A forum content can also be found on WeChat search.

New Wechat Search (Source: Wechat)

Articles on WeChat public accounts are still unique to WeChat but the platform is also cooperating with platforms such as China’s Quora-like Zhihu and movie review platform Douban, among others, for more diversified search experience.

In addition to brand upgrades, WeChat search also launched new advertising features for brand owners, with new visual materials. Brand owners can download WeChat search materials on the backend of WeChat’s public platform and conduct promotional activities through their own advertising channels.

In September 2014, WeChat search began providing access to public account articles, and initiated a foray into content distribution. In May 2017, WeChat added two new features: “Look” and “Search”. In September 2017, it began to support searching for mini-programs. In April 2018, access to various applications including translation app Sogou, Zhihu, WeChat reading and other in-app content became available.

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