WeChat Pay Score Launches Immediate Delivery Service

WeChat Pay Score officially launched an immediate delivery service on Wednesday. Delivery fees can be deducted automatically after users send out their packages. The service is meant to optimize users’ experience and reduce the contact risk. Deliverymen ‘pick up and leave’, which helps to improve the efficiency of picking up. In addition, an appointment can be made by typing the address, telephone number and name in your chat box.

Key brands in the express delivery industry such as SF Express, JD, ZTO Express, Hive Box, EMS and Yunda Express have all been connected.

WeChat Pay Score was launched in June 2020 assigning users a score calculated based on personal identity, payment behavior and user history. After activating the function once, users can use it in other application scenarios without having to activate itagain. At present, Pay Score has covered more than 1995 services such as sharing rental, travel and transportation, shopping and entertainment, life services and accommodation reservations.

Furthermore, from now until August 27, users can receive 2 yuan coupons after sending packages through SF Express and JD.

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After the package is sent, they can press the express delivery number in the WeChat chat box, or enter ‘# Check Express Delivery’ to track their delivery.