WeChat Pay Launches Low-Carbon Q&A Challenge

On Wednesday, WeChat Pay jointly launched a three-week Low Carbon Q&A Challenge with Tencent Carbon Neutrality Lab and Tencent Financial Research Institute. The challenge encourages users to flexibly apply their own carbon neutral knowledge and asks them questions from a bank of five million questions to make it through. Nearly 600,000 of users nationwide have participated in the campaign after it was launched three days ago.

Since Wednesday is also “National Low Carbon Day”, WeChat continues its efforts to become less dependent on physical paper and instead move many of its operations online, particularly its Mini Programs and public accounts. This reduction on physical things is helping the company contribute to the development of the sharing economy while also promoting a low-carbon transformation of the industry. It consists of scanning codes to order food, paying bills online, and renting rechargeable batteries without deposit.

In March, WeChat Pay initiated its “Low Carbon Together” campaign with more than 10 merchants in the restaurant, retail, travel and logistics industries, including Hey Tea and Tims Coffee. Users can redeem low-carbon benefits from merchants by accumulating low-carbon consumption behaviors.

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WeChat Pay expects to advocate users to passively cultivate simple low-carbon habits such as bringing their own beverage containers, shopping without plastic bags, and using e-vouchers instead of paper tickets. The idea is to gradually move into a more comprehensive, healthy and green low-carbon lifestyle. At present, hundreds of thousands of users have signed up and completed at least one low-carbon behavior.

The first carbon neutral report released on green payments in China, entitled the Report on Green Payment Helps Carbon Neutral Target, explores the paths, scenarios and models of digital ecology to help the payment industry achieve a green and low-carbon development in the context of “peak carbon and carbon neutrality goals”.

WeChat claims that the payment clearing industry boasts of connecting billions of individual users and hundreds of millions of merchants. It will actively advocate low-carbon consumer behavior and green low-carbon lifestyles in the future that will raise users’ awareness of green ecology.