WeChat Pay Launches ‘Learn First, Pay Later’ Feature

In recent years, the phenomenon of education and training institutions going bankrupt has become increasingly common. Those who pay upfront often experience the painful lesson of ‘paying money but receiving nothing in return’. Even legitimate organizations within the industry are often affected by such incidents, struggling to attract customers and make profits.

Last month, WeChat Pay launched the ‘Learn First, Pay Later’ feature. As long as your WeChat Pay score exceeds 600 points, you can ‘attend classes first and pay later’.

According to the introduction, by selecting ‘learn first, pay later’ on the product page and completing the payment installment authorization, you can start attending classes directly. After the merchant successfully schedules the class, the course will be pushed directly to the user, and the corresponding fees will be automatically deducted after the completion of the course. If you want to cancel midway, you can also close the fee deduction service at any time through ‘My-Wallet-Payment Installment-My Services’ or through a fee deduction voucher push page.

According to official information from WeChat, currently in Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Beijing and other regions, various types of educational institutions and digital content platforms have already implemented the ‘learn first pay later’ capability.

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