WeChat Pay and UnionPay Mobile QuickPass Promote Payment Cooperation

Tencent announced on Thursday that in order to promote the development of the payment service market, WeChat Pay and UnionPay Mobile QuickPass are promoting cooperation between their payment platforms and are now integrating each other’s payment methods into one another another.

Users can now scan the WeChat payment code through the Mobile QuickPass App in provincial capitals across the country to complete their payment.

The Mobile QuickPass App fully supports the top-up services of Q Coins, QQ Music and Tencent Video. WeChat Mini Programs will gradually integrate the Mobile QuickPass payment method. QuickPass payment now supports a select number of Tencent services, such as its music and video streaming apps, as well as WeChat mini-programs for WeChat Read, JD.com, and Luckin Coffee.

Since January 2020, Tencent has cooperated closely with UnionPay around payment intercommunication. Tenpay has cooperated with UnionPay and CCB, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Ping An Bank, China CITIC Bank and other banks to realize the payment function of scanning WeChat receipt code by mobile bank apps, and started pilot programs in Fuzhou, Ningbo, Jinan and other cities in China. In August this year, users could scan Wechat’s code using their Unionpay Mobile QuickPass App for direct payment in provincial capitals across the country.

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Since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology required all platforms to stop blocking access to each other’s websites in early September, various platforms have launched many initiatives, such as WeChat starting to allow users to access external links, and Alibaba adopting WeChat Pay service on its applications.