miHoYo’s ‘Zenless Zone Zero’ Surpasses 20 Million Pre-registrations, Set for Console/PC/Mobile Release This Year

On Tuesday morning, the game developer miHoYo confirmed that their upcoming game “Zenless Zone Zero” has surpassed 20 million pre-registrations across all platforms. The game, which is set for release in 2024, had already secured its license in October 2023.

“Zenless Zone Zero” represents a new direction in action games, independently developed by miHoYo. The storyline is set in the near future, a world besieged by a mysterious supernatural disaster known as “The Void”. Amidst this chaotic landscape, a unique city named “New Aelido” emerges as the last “oasis”. This city, thriving amidst the turmoil, has harnessed the technology to coexist with “The Void” and is a hub of diverse and complex forces. Players will step into the shoes of a professional known as ‘Ropemaker’, acting as a crucial link between the city and “The Void”.

Initially, “Zenless Zone Zero” was only confirmed for a mobile release. However, during the TGS 2023 Tokyo Game Show, miHoYo expanded upon this, confirming future releases on console and PC platforms. Furthermore, at the recent Sony State of Play conference, it was confirmed that a PS5 version of “Zenless Zone Zero” is currently in development.

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