Volkswagen Collaborates with XPeng: Volkswagen’s New SUV Exposed

During the Munich Motor Show, Oliver Blume, CEO of Volkswagen Group, revealed: ‘Recently, we announced a collaboration with XPeng Motors and SAIC Motor Corporation to strengthen our presence in China.’

According to previous brand plans, Volkswagen plans to launch a new three-row seven-seater SUV model named ‘ID.8’. It is expected that this new car will be built on the same platform as the XPeng G9 model and may become the first ‘jointly developed’ vehicle launched in the domestic market. The earliest release date is projected to be in 2026.

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From the previously released renderings, it can be seen that the new Volkswagen ID.8 is equipped with integrated LED daytime running lights that extend to the LED headlights on both sides of the front end. The lower grille features a smoked black mesh design. According to overseas media reports, the dimensions of the new car may surpass the currently available ID.6 model in China and will largely replace the Tiguan fuel version currently sold in the domestic market in the future.

And in terms of power, the all-new Volkswagen ID.8 is expected to offer consumers a choice between single-motor and dual-motor models, with the possibility of different specifications for lithium iron phosphate or ternary lithium battery packs. The maximum estimated range is up to 700km. Additionally, the new vehicle is also expected to be compatible with the dual-chamber air suspension system found in the XPeng G9 model, as well as feature an intelligent assisted driving system developed by XPeng themselves, along with dual-laser radar and dual Orin X chips.