Vivo Confirms X70 Series Features Self-Developed V1 Imaging Chip

On Friday, Hu Baishan, the Executive Vice President of Chinese technology company Vivo announced that its X70 smartphone series will feature self-developed V1 imaging chips, to be released in September.

A digital products blogger had previously released the news about the Vivo V1, and this was confirmed by Mr. Hu.

V1 is Vivo’s self-developed image signal processing chip. Image quality is a major concern for consumers when purchasing a smartphone, and is now what major handset manufacturers compete over for now. Image processors, digital signal processors and photosensitive components are all important parts of smartphone image systems.

Hu Baishan also said that the Vivo chip team now has about 200 staff members. Their work focuses on algorithms and IiP transformation, chip manufacturing steps and handing them over to partners.

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